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Medical Grade Peels


More even toned skin does look younger. Young skin reflects the light. As we age dead cells shed more slowly resulting in dull, lacklustre skin. 

Though “fluffy facials” may be relaxing and feel good, peels correct skin conditions such as acne, acne scars, undamaged skin and improve skin tone and texture.

PCA ™ skin peels are designed with a layering approach to treat the skin gently, infusing it with nourishing and strengthening ingredients to give faster and more dramatic outcomes. With over 12 different peels and masks to choose from treatments can be tailored to suit the needs and conditions of each client.


Skin may be slightly pink after the treatment and mild to moderate peeling may occur on days 2 to 4. The skin should be looking radiant in about a week’s time. Beautiful skin can be achieved at any age with regular exfoliation peels.


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